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Helping individuals and families find healing, freedom, and empowerment through professional faith-based counseling

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Feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges?

We all face pain and frustration in our lives. Unresolved hurt and unmet expectations often lead us into:

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles

Stress, anger, and distrust in your relationships

Feeling discouraged, directionless, and without purpose for your life
Asking for help takes courage

We each need help in our journey toward healing.

That’s why Kingdom Counseling provides a space for individuals and families to pursue a path towards growth, healing, and freedom through faith-based counseling.

With a specialized approach, integrated with Biblical truth, you’ll be empowered to find clarity and move forward.

Why Kingdom Counseling?

Licensed Christian Counseling

Our licensed therapists apply a clinical approach integrated with Biblical truth to help you address the heart of your issue.

Collaborative Care

Our team of clinicians includes a medication provider who is able to collaborate with your therapist to maximize the effectiveness of your care when needed.

Online Scheduling & In-Person Appointments

Select a time that works for you and we'll send you the virtual forms. All of our clinicians offer in-person care, but are also available for virtual appointments upon request.

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Ready to find hope and healing through Kingdom Counseling?


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Use our easy online scheduling tool to view available appointment times, or email us to schedule your appointment, and we’ll provide you with all the necessary paperwork.

Meet with Your Therapist

We will customize a plan to address what you’re facing in your life or relationships without judgement, and we’ll walk towards healing together.

Experience Healing

A successful counseling experience looks different for everyone, but when you commit to doing the necessary work, you can experience the joy, peace, and lasting change you are seeking.
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Good Faith Estimate

Starting on January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act (NSA) requires that health care providers and facilities give uninsured (or self-pay) individuals an estimate for the cost of their health care before the individual agrees to the service.

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About Kingdom Counseling

Professional counseling provides an opportunity for growth and healing, no matter what you’re facing. Together, we can walk through life’s challenges and help you live the life God intends for you.

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